Yamaha Upright Piano JU109PE

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A fine example of natural beauty, the JU109 features an exquisite combination of Yamaha craftsmanship and technology that make it delightfully affordable and a joy to play. Offering Yamaha's renowned quality at an affordable price, the JU109 is a popular choice with many students who are just starting on their piano playing. Manufactured under Yamaha's stringent quality control, each piano provides years of piano playing enjoyment to the user.

NOTE: Prices differ between finishes*

CabinetColor Polished Ebony *Availability of other finishes depends on model and is subject to regional variation. Please consult your Yamaha dealer for further information.  
Finish Polished  
DimensionsWidth 149cm(58 3/4")  
Height 109cm(43")  
Depth 54cm(21 1/4")  
WeightWeight 197kg(434lbs)  
Control Interface
KeyboardNumber of Keys 88