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Hear Every Detail

Listening to music will never be the same. 

USB DAC for Mac, Windows, & USB-C iPads.

The Best Possible Listening Experience

What if each time you listened to your favorite song, it felt like you were hearing it for the first? That it won’t take 100 plays to hear that beautiful reverb slightly panned off-center. Or the subtle laughter of the artist after recording the main vocal that is left in the song. Groove brings back the joy of listening to music by letting you hear it the way it was intended. Once you listen through Groove, music just won’t be the same without it. 

Improve your headphones

Thanks to Groove’s Constant Current Drive™, you’ll discover a new level of clarity while improving the frequency response of your headphones.

Groove Listening MacBook

Mix with confidence

With Groove’s Quad Sum DAC™ design, which employs four digital-to-analog converters per channel, you will hear “the truth.” Groove’s high dynamic range and low distortion put it in a class of its own.

Experience Lossless Audio

To take full advantage of lossless audio you need a premium DAC. Groove gives you the ability to hear your favorite tunes in full 192kHz resolution.

Groove Lifestyle

What people say?

As a mastering engineer, I need to know that what I'm hearing through my headphones is "the truth". I need to work fast, I need tools that guarantee results, and I need plug-n-play reliability. The Apogee Groove DELIVERS on all those things and so much more. The Groove has been a faithful companion of mine since I brought it in December of 2016. The thing I love the most about the Groove (besides it's incredible imaging, dynamics, and tonal clarity) is how it's so portable, rugged, and easy to use. Through 7years of near, daily use, across 10 States, 6 countries, 2 continents, 4 generations of MacBook Pro's, and 3 generations of mastering-grade headphones, the Apogee Groove has never skipped a beat.
Will Borza
As president of a record label, I spend a great deal of time listening to music. As a record producer, I've spent countless hours in the studio crafting recordings that have captured amazing performances, only to be heard with compromised sound quality. Groove brings back all the fidelity, dynamics and emotion of the original recordings. I won't listen to music without it, and neither should you.
Don Was
As a professional musician, I spend so much of my time in front of my computer, streaming new works from other artists, listening to both rough and final mixes, and updating my website with what I want my fans to download and listen to. Until my great friends at Apogee introduced me to the remarkable little Groove, I’d had powered computer speakers plugged into the headphone output of my computer. Once I plugged the Groove into the USB output, and selected the Groove in the audio settings, it was a true game-changer. What an amazing transformation to hear everything I listen to through a world class Apogee DAC and get the full 192/24 resolution, which is how I record everything on my albums. I now take it everywhere and even use the plug- in cable on my Apple Max headphones so I can use my Groove on the plane. Betty, Bob, thank you so much for elevating my ability to really hear things. The Groove Rocks!
Lori Lieberman
Everything we do as music makers has gone portable, but our high standards remain the same. Yes, the "car speaker test" or making sure a mix sounds good on the cheapest earbuds is still a good reference. I also want to make sure I've got the gear for the highest quality listening with me wherever I am, and having a Groove in my backpack at all times is essential for that. Getting the cleanest and best sound from a device into good wired headphones (or speakers) is the next best thing to being in the studio. Apogee's Groove eliminates any variables or quality degradation in my monitoring so I know what I'm hearing, sounds are coming across as intended and I can make confident produciton decisions..or just enjoy the best possible listening experience when I'm on the go.
Mike Knobloch

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