Aquarian Tone-Tabs


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Snare and Tom Tone Panaceas

Aquarian t-Tabs are like little bandages for your drum kit! Sticking one or more of these 10-mil adhesive patches on a drumhead helps damp unwanted overtones, focus attack, and deepen tone - all of which work well for close-miking. Even better, Aquarian t-Tabs are reusable and store in a plastic sheet that hangs around a lug screw to keep them clean and close by between applications. Beggs Music Nelson drummers were pleased to see both coated and clear strips in this set - no doubt to match the look and response of a kit's various drumheads.



Aquarian t-Tab Tone Modification Strips Features:

  • Damps overtones, focuses attack
  • Great for close-miking toms/snares onstage and in the studio
  • 3 coated and 2 clear strips
  • Made from 10-mil plastic - the same thickness as a single-ply snare head
  • Reusable - encourages experimentation
  • Meant to be played on, unlike other muffling tools
  • Slight radius conforms to the edge of a drum
  • Included storage sheet keeps t-Tabs clean and close by between applications