DFP9C Yamaha FP9 Double Kick Pedal

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With its swayless stability and sport-bike-inspired visuals, the Yamaha FP9 double bass pedal delivers style and performance that can please the industry's most discriminating players. Ball bearings throughout the pedal, as well as front and rear spikes and a frame-inside-a-frame design, prevent rocking, sliding, and pedal play of any kind. This results in a smooth, nearly 1:1 transfer of energy, even at high intensities. Yamaha's 3-way Quick-Adjusting Cams, paired with independently adjustable footboards and beaters, make the FP9 a pedal tweaker's delight. Featuring self-locking ergonomic spring tension knobs, which make it fast and easy to dial in each side from playing position. You also get a weighted beater system with removable weights to further dial in speed, throw, and power. Two nylon straps and a carry case are also included.

  • Smooth, stable chain-drive double pedal
  • Swayless design and sport bike-inspired visuals
  • Ball bearing-loaded pedal linkage
  • Quick-Adjusting Cams with three settings
  • Ergonomic self-locking spring tensioners
  • Weighted beater system with removable weights
  • Independent beater angles and footboard heights
  • Hinge bearings, front and rear spikes, and Yamaha's Axle-Stabilizing Bearing Chambers eliminate play
  • Under-axle subframe keeps pedals from flexing
  • Includes two nylon straps and carry case